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It was the most amazing experience. I learnt more about the way of life, especially being in a rural location. Travelled to school on the back of a motorbike with my teacher. I formed beautiful relationships with the kids, the teachers and felt at the end of my time that I had a new family, I was so enriched by the whole experience. My advice to anyone thinking of volunteering with VDCA is DO IT!!! You will not regret your decision and it may change your life.

Debbie Alcorn (UK)

How to Volunteer?

Volunteers usually function as teaching assistants, under the supervision of one of our trained teaching staff. You can teach English or other languages, hygiene, computer skills, support environmental education or assist other projects. Feel free to discuss your ideas and skills with us, so we can accommodate you and your plans. We take volunteers at our Free School in Siem Reap and at our rural projects in the dump area, 23km from town, where we have a Free School, a Nursery School and Feeding Program for the children of the area. The Volunteer Information guide will give you a brief overview of our schools, daily schedules, accommodation and transport options. We are happy to arrange a volunteering schedule that suits your needs and interests. If you are considering volunteering with us, or any other organization, we recommend that you watch this short video before making your decision. Fundraising and Volunteer Donations We request that volunteers fundraise before coming to Siem Reap in order to contribute to the school in exchange for your volunteer experience. Events such as raffles, quiz nights, BBQs and approaching schools to run activities are great ways to raise money. Online fundraising, through crowd funding sites, is an easy way to have your social network help contribute. Please contact us if you would like assistance with fundraising ideas.

Assistance with organizing transport to your chosen location Induction at VDCA-Anlung Pi on your first day Ongoing supervision, support and contact during your stay Ceremony and Certificate of Volunteering upon completion of our Volunteer Program This is an opportunity for you to have a truly rewarding experience on your Cambodian adventure or you can really invest yourself, and your time, by making this the main reason for your trip. It is important to remember you are here to help with our vision. You may make suggestions but it is not your role to force modern methodology and structure. It is important to note that things move at a slower rate in Cambodia, including change. Advice and help are much appreciated and desired, but it is essential to understand that the school has always been owned and operated by Cambodians, and that is important to us. We welcome your application and encourage you to see what an enriching, purposeful and developing experience this will be for you and the children you support. Child Protection Policy and the Volunteer Code of Conduct VDCA is committed to protecting the children in our care by strictly adhering to a Child Protection Policy. This policy aligns with international best practice models and with the UN sanctioned, 1959 Declaration of the Rights of the Child. We also provide our volunteers with a Code of Conduct, which outlines acceptable behavior while working in our schools and projects. Please review our prior to your arrival. These policies will be reviewed at your induction and we require that they be signed and returned to us. Public Holidays at our VDCA Schools If you are planning on visiting our projects or volunteering with us, please check public holiday schedule as our schools will be closed on these days. We welcome visits from school groups and organizations who would like to visit and/or volunteer with us.


If you would prefer not to fundraise, you can choose instead to make a bit of contribution if you wish to spend more than a week volunteering with us. These contributions are necessary to keep our projects operating and provide much needed resources for our students at our free schools.

You may also choose to contribute a project of equal value or utilise your professional skills to offer our staff or children special programs in lieu of a donation. Please contact us to discuss this option. Online support prior to your arrival Assistance with accommodation. Transfer from the airport/bus station to your accommodation upon arrival Orientation tour of our projects and Siem Reap including information and local tips.

A tour for the future If you are only in Siem Reap for a short time and would like to visit our rural school, we can recommend an excellent tour run by our Cambodian partners . You will visit our schools, including village , and some profit are donated to the schools to help with our funding.

Please click here for more information and contact ToghsTours Siem Reap Cambodia for bookings and details. 

There is clean accommodation to suit any budget. If you are travelling with others, the price is even cheaper. You may be able to get resort style accommodation at low prices.

Homestay at Anlung Pi

We have several affordable options for volunteers who would like a home stay experience while volunteering at our Anlung Pi schools.

Please contact us for suggestions of accommodation providers who offer specially discounted prices for our volunteers.

Estimated travel costs from Siem Reap to Anlung Pi (Dump Area, 25km out of Siem Reap):

  • Tuk-tuk – US$15 a day
  • Car – US$ 35 a day 
  • van – US$ 45 a day

There may be an opportunity to share transportation with other volunteers, depending upon your dates.

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