VDCA-school and children are finally back.

VDCA-school and children are finally back.

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First week of 2022, which is feeling good and inspiring on it to continue doing works for underprivileged children to access free educations at VDCA-Anlung Pi.Thank you so much to all my beloved donors, families and friends for giving supports in the past it was greatly difference to everyone at VDCA-AP. It was blessed to have you all sharing with us.In 2022 our school and programs are running to normal such as morality, hygiene, English, computer and sewing studies. So your continued of support and sponsors are the most welcome and appreciated. What you can do and let start with $ 5 or $ 10 each month it goes to help us much easier for continued developing and helping out. No pressure and do whatever you can do ! our website, https://vdca-cambodia.org/donation/Thanks and have a blessed year,Togh Main

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